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Steel Framed Joists

Light Steel Framing is the superior choice for high-quality residential construction, and some of the advantages are obvious.  Contrary to wood, Light Steel Framing doesn’t burn, mold, or rot; and doesn’t feed termites. But the three most significant features for custom home buyers are its strength, design flexibility, and durability.

  • Rated for Category 5 Hurricanes
  • Resists Major Earthquakes
  • Eliminates Mold Growth & Rot
  • Prevents Termites  & Pest Damage
  • 500+ Year Lifespan
  • Does Not Burn
  • Low Maintenance Costs for Life
  • Sustainable Construction & Environmentally Friendly

Pine has Diminished in Strength over the Years

Custom Light Steel Framed Homes

The scary fact is that pine has diminished in strength over the years, leaving many US homeowners with a false sense of security. To make up for this, many homes are more reliant on combustible wood composites laminated by resins for strength. Without any added cost, our LifeSpan Homes are built to withstand the worst earthquake and windstorms ever recorded! So, if you live in an area that’s high risk for hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes; light steel framing is the safest residential framing system available.

Light Steel Framing is Wind & Hurricane Resistant

Rated for Category 5 Hurricanes

Light Steel Framing is Earthquake Resistant

Resists Major Earthquakes

Flexible Design Options

Steel Framed Wall

Steel framing can be manufactured in lengths up to 45 feet and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any residential building system. We are also using an innovative combination of light steel framing, a composite beam, and a concrete floor. The result is, less loadbearing walls so you can create beautiful open spaces, the flexibility to design larger openings, and eliminate roof trusses for added floor space.

Studs/Rafters up to 45 Feet

Flexibility for Large open Spaces

Built for More Than Your lifetime

Custom Light Steel Framed Homes

LifeSpan Homes are not only built for the span of your lifetime, but for many generations to come. Light Steel Framing has a protective zinc coating, allowing it to last for nearly 100’s of years before it begins to deteriorate. Imagine, 7 generations from now, your family could still be making memories in that same home – celebrating Christmas or Thanksgiving in their great, great, great, great, grandparents’ house.

500+ Year Life Cycle

Light Steel Framing is Low Cost

Low Maintenance Costs for Life

Steel Framed Home Floor System Installation
Custom Cutting Light Steel Framed Homes
Steel Framed Joists
Custom Light Steel Framed Homes

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